What we do

We are a custom design house that prints your duvets on demand,  giving us the ability to create that perfect room decor you have always dreamed about.


We don't have any preprinted sets available, only stock designs which you can find under My Bedding >  Browse through all the collections.  


Cant find what I like in the collections?

Looking for ideas?

I want something special but don't know where to start looking?


Pinterest is always an awesome starting point, search for the theme, colors, or just beautiful bedrooms.  It will guarantee to give you so many options you will be spoilt for choice.


Or simply go back to trusted Google ,  browse the images and save the link and image where you found it.



Where else?  


1. Go to www.shutterstock.com or www.depositphotos.com

2. Choose a theme i.e Monkeys

    Optional - If you want just a repeat print, add in "seamless" behind it.  I.e Monkey Seamless

3. Browse, Save the image and record the reference number.

4. Use the New Bedding Design Product and complete the requested details

5. Complete the order by sending proof of payment to pop@lcdprintworx.co.za



Single image designs can be used for centre placement or repeat prints or a combination of the two.  Ensure you record your wishes in as much detail on the order check out or send us an email with your ideas/thoughts.


That is no problem at all, we can literally design you any duvet set you looking for.  You might have seen a lovely design on Pinterest,  send it to us and we will recreate it as close as possible.  


We can change the colors to your color palette and/or add names to personalize the room.


Make contact with us either by email or Facebook .

Send us your design ideas, size of duvet you want and then we can confirm the ability to design.

The only designs that pose challenges overall are when photos are used and you want us to use that same/similar photo.  We will try our best to find that image however quality is a big limitation but we will inform you before we design or use something in its place.

Whats next?

Design confirmed, happy with the price, what now?

Navigate to My Bedding Section and place your order online.  

You will receive an email with all the details to make the payment of the 50% deposit.

Final Design will commence once deposit has been recieved.

4 Weeks Delivery Time